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Why Use GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking Gets the Most From Your Employees

Employees are often a company’s greatest expense, but also its greatest asset. As the cornerstone to a successful company you invest time, money training them, trust them with a company vehicle and maybe go out for drinks with them on Friday nights. Yet cost always seem to be on the rise and some month have profit margins that are tighter than others. So it is not wrong for you to wonder just how productivity your employees really are. With GPS vehicle tracking you will find out just how productive your employees truly are, and which employees deserve the raises and those employees that need to be reminder to work hard.

Our typical route was averaging between 9 and 10 hours per day. Upon installation of Shadow Tracker, there was an immediate 30% reduction in time in the field for the same amount of work.

Liberty Waste Management
Englewood, CO

If Employees where totally honest about how long their routes actually took, there would not have been up to 3 hours saved on a typical route after GPS tracking was installed. Most employees are basically honest people, who do not realize the costs to your business when they take fudge their time sheets or other little things. When GPS tracking is installed in your company’s vehicles, employees will go about their daily activities just like your sitting in the passenger seat.

Help Your Employees

Employees will no longer have to waste time filling our log sheets when using GPS vehicle tracking. They can just focus on doing their job.

Easy to identify employees who are not operating their vehicle in the right manner, so you can properly train employees.

Improved Customer Service

Ensure employees are spending the correct amount of time at a customer’s location. Provides proof to customers that your employees where they were supposed to be.

Employee Compensation

Increased saving can be passed on to employees in merit based bonuses. With vehicle tracking there is no doubt about which employees are the most productive for the company and deserve a raise in pay.

Employee Safety

Help can be direct to employees who are lost or broken down. Automated alerts can be set up and help to keep employees safe driving within the speed limit.

With 10-second updates it can protect your drivers in case accidents and speed traps.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Using GPS tracking can lower your insurance rates by proving your employees are not using vehicles after hours for personal use. As well ensuring your drivers are driving the speed limit. Insurance companies like GPS tracking because it reduces theft making much easier and quicker for police to find stolen vehicles and recover inventory within those vehicles.

Protect Employees From False Claims

Independent GPS tracking provide verifiable data about where your vehicle has been as well as speed the vehicle was traveling. This information can protect your employees from false insurance claims or from customers who claim your workers are not at the job site or did not spend the proper amount of time at the job site.


Reduction in the total miles driven by eliminating personal errands as well as bad driving habits such as speeding hard breaking, which can reduce a vehicles lifespan.

Common Abuses of Company Driving Privileges by Employees

Personal Errands

With gas prices on the rise employees can fall into the temptation to driving company vehicles for weekends trips or personal errands. These unnecessary trips cost your company fuel, wear and tear. Which causes the company vehicles to lose valuable lifespan.

Employee Productivity

Employees that are sent to a job offsite, and finish the job or jobs early instead of going back to the office or filling out his time sheet he finished for the day. Sometime an employee will go to their house, maybe runs to the grocery store to buys beer before going home. Or just stop at a big parking lot turns up the radio and has a little party while keeping the engine running because it keeps the AC or Heater running. Then right before closing time they quickly head back to the office or calls in and clocks our for the day leading to wasted your payroll for work that was not done.

Or if you allow your employees to take the vehicles home over the weekends, there is always the weekend’s trip where your vehicles can be used for family transportation.

With GPS tracking installed in your vehicles you can cut out all that nonsense. Keeping your employees accountable for their actions in your company’s vehicles, increase productivity. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your employee back at the office early when they could be doing warehouse work? Or said employee the calling in saying “Got a last minute job for me. If not I be finished early for today” and he fill out his time sheet he actually finished early for the day.

GPS tracking is manager’s dream come true when managing your offsite employees, it is like riding along with your employees in the company’s trucks except your are not idling your vehicle and wasting fuel. It is time for you to consider GPS fleet tracking for your business. Keep your employees honest and you will not have to worry about hiring employees who been fired at other companies for wasting time. They will know they cannot get away with wasting your payroll.

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