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GPS Tracking Reports

To get the most from your GPS tracking reports you need information that is right at your figure tips that is easy to understand and allow you to customize the information that you need to know. Our reports allow you to look at the information needed to determine where your employees have been and how long it took for them to get there.

Sample Reports


gps travel detail report

Travel Report

For each unit/vehicle, the following information is displayed: start time, end time, duration, action (stop or transit), location, maximum speed, and distance.

gps stop report

Stop Detail

Shows duration of stop, how many, when, and where for each unit/vehicle chosen.

real time, gps tracking report

Real Time Report

The Real Time Status Report displays all real time units and whether or not they are currently moving. For units that are moving, speed and location are shown

gps idle time report

Idle Time Report

Displays when and where a unit/vehicle is idle, how long, and where.

gps mileage report from gps tracking

Mileage Chart

Displays total miles driven for each unit/vehicle for days selected in the Report Criteria panel. This information can also be displayed as a report.

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