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GPS Vehicle Tracking Avoid Confusion About where Your Vehicles are at

Getting the most out of your GPS tracking requires working with a company that provides your business not just the location of your vehicles. You need a company that provides your business with actionable reports that can be used to lower fleet costs. That can shift through data historically as well in real time. Our system was developed over a 15-year period to help business owners and managers better manage their fleets.

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Highlights of our system benefits

Real time alerts can instantly notify you when a driver speeds or crosses a Geofence to an unauthorized location.

Reports that can help improve the safety of your fleet drivers and lower traffic violations.

Real time tracking that helps your driver avoid heavy traffic, routes driver the most efficient way to a job site.

Customer service that helps your business get the most from our reporting features.

Office Fleet Management

The Shadow Tracker® system does all of the above. The desktop version provides advance-reporting features that give managers the best tools they need to manage fleet employees and control costs. Our reports can help you identify excessive idling, wasted time at job sites, and unwarranted overtime.

Also you can set up real time alerts and be instantly notified when you drivers are speeding or they drive to unauthorized locations. Since Shadow Tracker® is a cloud based application you do not have to have Shadow Tracker® running you can receive these alerts as text messages or email.

Mobile Fleet Management

Shadow Tracker® Mobile let’s you track the locations of your vehicles no matter where you are at with our Mobile Apps. Providing up to date locations of your fleet personal. Apps are available in both Apple OS and Android.

Shadow Tracker® Live Maps

Our maps are powered by Bing Maps®, which provide satellite and birds eye view. With up to date traffic conditions, you can route drivers in the most efficient routes avoiding heavy traffic. Which provide mapping updates as well as real time traffic conditions.

Shadow Tracker® is designed to work with fleets of any size. click here for full details

Shadow Tracker® Reports

Over 20 management reports with the ability to customize the reports you can gain insights to where cost saving can be gained through fleet management. Mileage reports that can assist you with DOT reporting help with billing as well as reduce cost.

Reports are easy to generate and easy to customize. click here for full details

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