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Thousands of Business use Shadow Tracker vehicle tracking for fleet management. Our system has helped business reduce cost and avoid the confusion associated with managing fleet personal.

Since we introduced Shadow Tracker into our business, it has come as a pleasant surprise in a few areas of our business. The one area of business we knew would help and, in fact, did so in a meaningful way was managing the driver’s route time efficiency in the field.

Our typical route was averaging between 9 and 10 hours per day. Upon installation of Shadow Tracker, there was an immediate 30% reduction in time in the field for the same amount of work. Our drivers are held accountable for where they are at all times and having Shadow Tracker now reassures management our drivers do not deviate from their job.

The best surprise we got was being able to locate portable toilets on Golf Courses and large projects when new drivers are given existing routes.

Dispatch is able to go back in time and pinpoint the exact location of where the previous drivers have been and the time it takes to complete a task.

This, once again, has afforded us the ability to better manage our business from the desktop better than ever. Thank you for your fantastic product and awesome management tool.

Liberty Waste Management
Englewood, Co

I caught a new sales rep spending most of his day at home, fired him and saved a ton of money!

Master Brands
Salt Lake City, UT

We have four techs that perform over the road service for our customers that take our vehicles home in the evenings. ATTI tracking has helped in many areas to reduce exposure, cost, and keep our service writers up to date with over the road customer appointments as follows.

1-Insurance costs have been reduced as we can show our techs are not using the vehicles after hours. With the geo-fencing we are notified if the vehicles are moved.

2-Service advisors are reviewing the schedule and insuring the techs are on schedule by viewing the live data on their computer screens. This has reduced the phone calls to and from the technicians.
3-We can now verify how long a tech was at the customer’s location to verify we are billing the correct amount of time for the repair. Time reports generated by the tracking software have been utilized when a customer has questioned how accurate our billing is.
4-We have been using the stop reports to ensure our techs are applying the correct amount of time to repair orders and in one case, found we had a tech that was adding time to his day when he was actually home.

Clarks Landing Boat Sales
Shady Side, MD

We have been using the tracking system since October 2009.
This tracking system has stopped instances of our drivers driving the longest way possible to a delivery. It has also brought to our attention a driver leaving a delivery site and driving 25 minutes the opposite direction to have lunch at his favorite hunting and fishing area or motorcycle shop while on salary.
We can see an increase in productivity since obtaining these units and will be placing an order for an additional vehicle soon. In addition, the customer service and tech support have always been very helpful with quick responses.

Robosson Supply
Sykesville, MD

We are a geotechnical engineering firm that has specialized in sinkhole investigations for the last ten years. We have 5 trailer mounted drill rigs that we take to our client’s homes to test for sinkhole conditions. We have been using the Advanced Tracking Technologies GPS units on our drill trucks and found them helpful in some surprising ways. Without making phone calls to our drillers, who normally cannot answer phone calls due to noise and adverse conditions, we can tell where they are, when they got there and let our customers or their legal representatives know they are on site drilling or on the way to the next job.

A couple unexpected circumstances have happened that helped us make decisions on several phone calls involving aggressive driving. We are aware sometimes the public does not like trucks with trailers in front of them and several times we have had phone calls telling us our drivers were driving in a very fast and aggressive manner. We feel these units have helped us get to the truth in these cases and not only has it showed us when they were speeding, it also proved to us several times they were NOT speeding and in one case of an accident we could prove we were under the speed limit, thus protecting our driver and our company driving record.

Also when our project managers take vehicles home overnight, as we sometimes allow, we can see if they are running errands with our company vehicles, which is not permitted. It just helps keep good people honest!

Madrid Engineering
Bartow, FL

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